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Reliable, Responsible and Green House Cleaning Services

With The Cleaner Concept residential / house cleaning services, you will come home to a fresh, clean, non-toxic home. Your family and pets will not be exposed to the dangerous of harsh cleaning chemicals. Our cleaning products are not only environmentally friendly, they are often more effective than the concoctions found in typical cleaning supplies.

We use safe, nontoxic cleaning products, hefty doses of elbow grease, and a keen attention to detail to provide our clients with a clean home that is guaranteed. Your home is your escape, your space, your area of relaxation. Give yourself the gift of time and let The Cleaner Concept clean your home the way you want it cleaned. Simply put, The Cleaner Concept is the smart choice for professional house cleaning.

As part of our professional house cleaning approach, we can customize the cleaning you want any of the rooms in your home.

House Cleaning Services:

  • We clear each room of cobwebs and dust, including all window sills, baseboards, picture frames, mirrors, furniture, nick knacks and light fixtures.
  • We clean countertops, basins, faucets, mirrors, sinks, tubs and surrounding areas.
  • Our residential housekeepers will clean the tile, the inside and outside of the shower door(s), sanitize the toilet inside and out and vacuum and mop all floors.

Doing your part to help the planet can start right in your household. Let those who are closest to you reap the rewards of healthier living. There are no sacrifices, no diet, no gluten free, no juice cleanse that need to be made by any family member, yet everyone in the house gets to benefit from the healthier, green house cleaning services.

Some of our products are as simple and safe as vinegar, lemons, essential oils, and baking soda. Other green products are all natural and environmentally friendly.

While we find pride in doing our part to lessen the impact on our planet while simultaneously boosting the health of our clients, we also know that the customer is always right. If there is ever a specific cleaning product that you want used in your house, or love the way it makes your house smell, we will be accommodating to your desires.